Shared Facilities Agreement (Genie AI)

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The Shared Facilities Agreement (Genie AI) is a legal template that provides a comprehensive framework for parties to establish an agreement regarding shared facilities. This agreement is specifically tailored for instances where artificial intelligence (AI) technology, represented by Genie AI, is utilized as part of the shared facilities arrangement.

The template outlines the terms and conditions governing the use, access, and management of shared facilities that incorporate Genie AI. It covers essential provisions such as ownership and license of the AI technology, responsibilities of each party in relation to the shared facilities, the scope of permitted usage, and maintenance and support requirements. The agreement also delves into the allocation of costs and expenses associated with Genie AI's operation, upgrades, and repairs.

Furthermore, the Shared Facilities Agreement (Genie AI) includes provisions related to confidentiality and data protection, ensuring that sensitive information and data of both parties are adequately safeguarded. It encompasses guidelines on how data collected and processed by Genie AI should be handled, stored, and shared.

The template also addresses dispute resolution mechanisms, termination procedures, and the rights and obligations of both parties upon termination. It may include clauses related to intellectual property rights, governing law, and jurisdiction to provide a comprehensive legal framework for the shared facilities arrangement.

Overall, this legal template is intended to establish a clear understanding between parties engaging in a shared facilities arrangement involving Genie AI, ensuring that obligations, rights, and responsibilities are delineated and legally protected.
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