SIAC interim application (2013 Rules): Respondent's request For an order For security For costs & drafting notes

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This legal template is designed for use in the context of a Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) interim application, specifically under the 2013 Rules. The template is tailored for a Respondent party seeking an order from the arbitrator to obtain security for costs.

A request for security for costs is commonly made when one party believes that the opposing party may not be able to meet its obligations to pay costs if the tribunal ultimately rules in favor of the requesting party. It is a protective measure intended to ensure that the requesting party's costs are covered in case the opposing party fails to fulfill its financial obligations.

The template includes provisions that outline the specific grounds for requesting security for costs and the legal arguments supporting this request. It also provides a step-by-step guide for filing the application and includes relevant drafting notes to assist the user in tailoring the application to their specific case.

Overall, this legal template is a valuable resource for Respondents involved in SIAC arbitrations under the 2013 Rules who wish to seek an order for security for costs, ensuring that their financial interests are protected throughout the arbitration process.
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