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The Software License Contract (Licensee-friendly, Long Form) is a comprehensive legal template that outlines the terms and conditions governing the licensing of software between a software developer or provider (licensor) and the individual or organization intending to use the software (licensee). This contract is specifically designed to favor the interests of the licensee, providing them with favorable use rights and protection.

The contract covers various crucial elements, including the scope and limitations of use, intellectual property rights, payment terms, warranties, and liability provisions. It incorporates a lengthy, detailed language to ensure clarity and specificity while addressing the licensee's concerns and needs.

The contract ensures that the licensee has the necessary permissions to use, install, and modify the software within the defined parameters. It spells out the license fees, payment schedules, and any additional costs related to the licensing arrangement. The terms of renewal, termination, and transferability of the license are also comprehensively addressed within the contract.

Intellectual property rights play a significant role in the agreement. The template sets forth provisions to safeguard the licensee's interests by requiring the licensor to warrant that they own or have proper rights to distribute the software. It also tackles intellectual property infringement concerns and outlines how violations will be rectified and defended.

Risk allocation and liability provisions are carefully detailed to provide protections and limitations for the licensee. Any warranties provided by the licensor are stipulated, including disclaimers and limitations where applicable.

Overall, the Software License Contract (Licensee-friendly, Long Form) is a comprehensive legal document that seeks to protect the licensee's interests while granting them the necessary rights and permissions to use the software legally and effectively within their organization or for personal use.
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