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This legal template refers to a Software License Contract that is designed to be favoring the licensors and adopting a simplified approach. The contract lays out the terms and conditions for granting a license to use a software product to a licensee. The primary aim of this template is to protect the interests of the licensor while providing a straightforward and easily understandable agreement.

The document will typically cover important provisions such as the scope of the license, the permitted uses of the software, any restrictions on usage, and any conditions for maintenance and support. It will also outline the payment terms, including any fees or royalties that need to be paid by the licensee. In addition, the template may include provisions related to intellectual property rights, warranties, liability limitations, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Overall, this Licensor-friendly and Simple Software License Contract template reflects the licensor's desire to maintain control over their software and establishes clear guidelines for its authorized use. Its simplicity ensures that both parties can easily comprehend and adhere to the terms, facilitating a smoother working relationship between the licensor and licensee.
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