Standard Vendor Agreement (Genie AI)

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The Standard Vendor Agreement (Genie AI) is a legal template designed to establish the terms and conditions between a vendor and the artificial intelligence software provider, Genie AI. This agreement outlines the mutual rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties involved in the vendor-client relationship.

The template covers various key aspects such as product/service delivery, payment terms, confidentiality, intellectual property, warranties, limitations of liability, dispute resolution, and termination clauses. It ensures that both parties are aware of their rights to protect their interests and minimize potential conflicts.

This agreement specifically tailors to vendors who offer products or services that integrate or rely on Genie AI's artificial intelligence capabilities. It clarifies how the vendor can utilize the AI software, what support they can expect from Genie AI, and how any issues or disputes that may arise will be resolved.

The Standard Vendor Agreement (Genie AI) serves as a foundation to solidify a professional relationship and provides a legally binding framework that guides both parties in their collaboration. It offers the necessary protections and obligations to ensure a fair and beneficial business partnership between the vendor and Genie AI.
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