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The legal template for the "Supplemental Agreement (Genie AI)" is likely a document that aims to outline a supplementary agreement or addendum to an existing contract or agreement involving the use of Genie AI technology.

Genie AI refers to an artificial intelligence-driven software or technology that may have been previously incorporated into a larger contract or agreement. However, certain circumstances might require additional terms and conditions specific to the Genie AI element of the agreement.

This supplemental agreement template would be tailored to address these unique requirements and provide clarity on matters such as rights, responsibilities, limitations, modifications, and any other specific provisions related to the Genie AI technology integration. It may also cover issues like data privacy, security, intellectual property rights, non-disclosure obligations, and any necessary disclaimers.

The purpose of this template would be to provide a legally-binding framework to address and govern the relationship between the parties regarding the utilization, maintenance, support, and further development of the Genie AI technology. It could be used by businesses, organizations, or individuals who have previously agreed upon a main contract and now require an additional agreement to distinctly govern the Genie AI component within their broader arrangement.
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