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A Survey Affidavit (New Jersey) is a legal document that is used to certify the accuracy and validity of a survey conducted on a property located within the state of New Jersey. This affidavit serves as a sworn statement made by the surveyor who conducted the survey and is typically required during real estate transactions, land development projects, or property boundary disputes where it is crucial to establish the exact boundaries and dimensions of the land.

The Survey Affidavit contains essential details such as the legal description of the property, the date on which the survey was conducted, the name and contact information of the surveyor, and any qualifications or licenses held by the surveyor. This document also includes a clear and concise description of the survey methodology employed, along with the instruments and equipment used during the survey process.

The affidavit must be notarized to ensure its authenticity and compliance with legal requirements. By signing the affidavit, the surveyor attests under oath that the survey was conducted accurately, in accordance with industry standards, and that the depicted boundaries and dimensions of the property are correct to the best of their knowledge. This sworn statement strengthens the legal standing of the survey and provides evidence in case any disputes arise in the future.

A Survey Affidavit (New Jersey) plays a vital role in establishing the integrity and reliability of the survey conducted on a property within the state. It offers assurance to buyers, sellers, lenders, and other interested parties that the property's physical features and boundaries have been correctly determined and documented by a licensed and qualified surveyor in compliance with New Jersey's legal standards and regulations.
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