Tenant Estoppel Certificate (Purchaser-friendly/Lender-friendly with Tenant-friendly Optional Provisions) (New York)

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This legal template, titled Tenant Estoppel Certificate (Purchaser-friendly/Lender-friendly with Tenant-friendly Optional Provisions) (New York), is a document designed to formalize the agreement between a landlord, a tenant, and a third-party purchaser or lender.

The Tenant Estoppel Certificate is used in the context of a property sale or financing transaction where the purchaser or lender requires accurate and up-to-date information regarding the lease terms, rental rates, and other pertinent details of a tenant occupying the property being sold or refinanced.

The template is specifically tailored for use in New York and can be customized to accommodate the interests of all involved parties. It offers both "Purchaser-friendly" and "Lender-friendly" provisions, giving the acquiring entity or lender substantial flexibility in gathering reliable information about the tenant's lease and obligations.

Additionally, the template provides "Tenant-friendly Optional Provisions" which allow the tenant some degree of protection and control over the information disclosed and the circumstances of the transaction. These optional provisions serve to ensure that the tenant is not unreasonably prejudiced during the process.

By utilizing this Tenant Estoppel Certificate, the involved parties can streamline the due diligence process by establishing a consolidated record of the tenant's lease terms, rent payment history, and any specific agreements or obligations. This certification assists purchasers and lenders in assessing investment risks more reliably while also providing the tenant with an opportunity to confirm and safeguard their rights and responsibilities under the existing lease agreement.

Overall, this legal template facilitates a smooth and transparent transaction between the parties involved in a property sale or financing deal while preserving the interests of both the tenant and the acquiring entity or lender.
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