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This legal template, titled "Web Content License (Licensor-friendly) (International)," is a comprehensive document that outlines the terms and conditions for granting a license to use web content. The template primarily focuses on protecting the interests of the content licensor, offering broad rights and strict obligations to the licensee.

The license covers a range of web-based content, including textual, visual, audio, and interactive elements, such as articles, images, videos, audio clips, animations, and user interfaces. It is designed to be applicable across various jurisdictions, accounting for international legal considerations.

The template addresses critical aspects of a web content license agreement, including the grant of the license, the scope of usage, restrictions on utilization, duration of the license, termination clauses, and intellectual property rights. It ensures that the licensor retains ownership and control over the web content, while giving the licensee limited rights to access, use, and display the licensed materials on their own website or platform.

Furthermore, this licensor-friendly template places significant emphasis on protecting the licensor's intellectual property by setting forth obligations for the licensee to safeguard the content, refrain from making unauthorized modifications, accurately attribute ownership, and refrain from engaging in any illegal or harmful activities related to the licensed materials.

Intended for use in cross-border transactions, this international template addresses potential conflicts between legal systems and provides explicit provisions for governing law, dispute resolution mechanisms, and jurisdiction. It aims to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities under the agreement, promoting transparency and mitigating risks.

Overall, this legal template serves as a comprehensive and robust agreement, favoring the licensor's interests while addressing the needs and concerns of both parties involved in licensing web content internationally.
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