Will For Individual with Partner: Trust For Partner

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This legal template could be a comprehensive document that combines a will and a trust specifically designed for an individual who has a partner. The will aspect of the template would outline the individual's wishes regarding the distribution of their assets and properties upon their death. It may cover aspects such as naming beneficiaries, appointing an executor, and specifying funeral arrangements.

The trust aspect of the template would establish a legal entity to hold and manage assets for the benefit of the partner. It may include provisions for the partner's financial security, the use and management of assets, and instructions for distributing assets to beneficiaries (e.g., children or other dependents) upon the partner's death. This trust would aim to provide stability, protection, and financial support for the partner beyond the individual's lifetime.

By combining both the will and the trust components, this template ensures that the individual's wishes are respected during their lifetime and after their passing. It establishes a framework to protect their partner financially and preserve their legacy for future generations.
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