Will for Individual with Partner: Trust for Partner (California)

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This legal template is designed for individuals residing in California who wish to create a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will and a trust for their partner. The template is suitable for unmarried individuals who have a committed and long-term relationship with a domestic partner, and want to ensure that their partner is adequately provided for in the event of their passing.

The will component of this template allows individuals to outline their wishes regarding the distribution of their assets, nomination of an executor, and appointment of a guardian for any minor children. It ensures that the partner is included as a beneficiary and receives specific assets or a portion of the estate.

The trust component of the template focuses on establishing a trust fund that will be managed by a trustee for the benefit of the partner. This trust aims to protect and preserve the partner's financial security, allowing them to have access to income, financial support, and even provide for their healthcare needs. The terms of the trust are customizable, providing flexibility to include specific provisions and conditions that best suit the individual's intentions.

It's worth noting that this legal template should be reviewed and customized by a qualified attorney to ensure compliance with the requirements of California law and to account for individual circumstances and preferences. It serves as a useful starting point for individuals looking to create a legal and comprehensive estate plan that fulfills their intentions while addressing the specific needs of their partner.
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