Will for Individual with Partner: Trust for Partner (Massachusetts)

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This legal template is designed to assist individuals residing in the state of Massachusetts who wish to create a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will and a trust specifically for their partner. The template is tailored for individuals with a domestic partner, ensuring that their wishes and instructions are legally binding and in full compliance with Massachusetts law.

The will portion of this template allows the individual to specify how they want their assets and possessions to be distributed upon their death, including any specific bequests or legacies they wish to leave for their partner. It also enables them to designate an executor who will be responsible for administering their estate and fulfilling their final wishes.

The trust component of this template focuses on creating a trust specifically for the benefit of the partner, ensuring ongoing financial security and support. Through this trust, the individual can direct how their partner will receive income, make investments, and access trust assets now and in the future. The template also allows for the appointment of a trustee who will be responsible for managing the trust according to the individual's instructions and fiduciary duties.

By utilizing this legal template, individuals can ensure that their partner is provided for and their assets are distributed according to their wishes, while minimizing the potential for legal disputes or challenges.
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