Will for Individual with Partner: Trust for Partner (New Jersey)

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This legal template could be a document designed to assist an individual in New Jersey in creating their Last Will and Testament, specifically addressing the inclusion of a trust for their partner. It is likely tailored to individuals who have a committed relationship with a partner but are not legally married or have chosen not to include the trust provisions commonly found in traditional wills.

The template may cover various aspects, such as the appointment of an executor to manage the distribution of assets, naming beneficiaries, and outlining specific instructions for the establishment of a trust for the partner. The trust provisions could include details on the distribution of property, financial assets, and any other provisions the individual wishes to include to benefit their partner.

Additionally, the template might address various scenarios such as the termination of the trust or its distribution upon the partner's death or remarriage. It could also incorporate clauses to ensure the individual's other family members are provided for in the event of their partner's passing.

Overall, this legal template would aim to help individuals in New Jersey create a comprehensive estate plan that ensures their partner is financially protected and provided for according to their wishes, despite the absence of legal marriage.
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