Will for Individual with Spouse or Partner: Pot Trust for Children (Florida)

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This legal template is designed to create a will for an individual who is married or in a domestic partnership and has children. Specifically tailored for residents of Florida, the will establishes a "Pot Trust" for the children, ensuring that their financial well-being and inheritance are adequately protected.

The document outlines the individual's wishes regarding the distribution of their estate. It includes provisions for the surviving spouse or partner, ensuring they are adequately provided for upon the individual's death. Additionally, the will establishes a Pot Trust, which is a type of trust that allows for the pooling of assets for the benefit of multiple children.

Within the Pot Trust, specific instructions are laid out concerning how the trust should be managed and distributed. The template covers various contingencies, such as the appointment of a trustee to oversee the trust's administration and the conditions under which the trust assets may be disbursed to the children. This comprehensive approach aims to protect the children's inheritance while providing flexibility to account for changing circumstances.

Overall, this legal template enables individuals in Florida to create a robust estate plan. By specifying their wishes and implementing a Pot Trust, they can ensure the financial security of their spouse or partner, as well as set out a clear plan for the equitable distribution of assets to their children.
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