Will for Individual with Spouse or Partner: Separate Share Trusts for Children (Florida)

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This legal template is a Will specifically designed for individuals who are married or in a domestic partnership and reside in the state of Florida. The primary purpose of this document is to establish a separate share trust for the children of the testator (the person creating the Will) and their spouse or partner.

The Will recognizes that the testator and their spouse or partner may have children from previous relationships or other reasons that warrant the need for separate trusts. By creating separate share trusts, the document ensures that each child receives their fair share of the testator's estate, while also allowing for flexibility in terms of how the trust assets are managed and distributed.

The template likely includes provisions for appointing a trustee, who will be responsible for managing the trust assets on behalf of the children until they reach a specified age or milestone. The Will may also outline specific instructions regarding the use and distribution of the trust funds, such as funding the children's education or providing for their general welfare.

Additionally, this legal template might address other important matters, such as the appointment of an executor or personal representative to oversee the administration of the estate, the declaration of burial or cremation preferences, and the appointment of guardians for any minor children.

Overall, this legal template provides a comprehensive framework for individuals with a spouse or partner in Florida to protect and allocate their assets among their children or beneficiaries, ensuring their wishes are carried out in the event of their death.
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