Will for Single Individual: Separate Share Trusts for Children (New York)

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The legal template titled "Will for Single Individual: Separate Share Trusts for Children (New York)" is a legally binding document designed for individuals residing in the state of New York who are unmarried and wish to establish separate share trusts to provide for their children in the event of their death.

This template primarily focuses on the disposition of assets and the distribution of the individual's estate to their children or beneficiaries. By incorporating separate share trusts, the individual can ensure that each child receives their fair share of the estate, protected within their own trust.

The template might include provisions outlining the appointment of a guardian for minor children, designating the specific assets or property to be allocated to each trust, and specifying the conditions under which the trusts will be distributed to the beneficiaries. It may also cover key aspects such as naming an executor, creating a residuary trust for any remaining assets, and specifying any individual wishes or preferences regarding funeral arrangements or charitable contributions.

By utilizing this legal template, individuals can ensure that their assets are managed and distributed according to their wishes, providing financial security and support for their children after their passing. Moreover, this will allow the testator (the person creating the will) to have greater control over the protection and preservation of their wealth within the framework of New York law.
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