Agency Motion: Dismiss Individual Right of Action (IRA) Appeal for Lack of Jurisdiction: MSPB

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This legal template is a document related to an Agency Motion seeking to dismiss an Individual Right of Action (IRA) appeal on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) under United States law. The template would likely contain a detailed argument outlining the reasons why the agency believes that the MSPB does not have jurisdiction over the particular case. It could address various legal and procedural aspects, such as the jurisdictional requirements of the MSPB, the applicable laws and regulations, and any relevant precedent or case law. The template may also include supporting evidence, such as relevant statutes or regulations, to bolster the agency's argument. Overall, this legal template would serve as a starting point for an agency's effort to dismiss an IRA appeal by challenging the MSPB's jurisdiction over the matter.
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