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An amicus brief (Second Circuit) under USA law is a legal template used to draft a document that aims to provide additional insight or perspective to a court regarding a particular case being heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. This type of legal document is typically filed by a non-party, which could be an individual, organization, or governmental agency, who has a significant interest in the outcome of the case and wishes to contribute arguments, analysis, or relevant information to assist the court in its decision-making process.

The amicus brief serves as a tool that allows these interested parties, often referred to as amicus curiae or "friend of the court," to provide valuable expertise, unique viewpoints, or factual context that may enhance the understanding of the legal issues at hand. It is important to note that an amicus brief does not represent the parties involved in the lawsuit, but rather supports one side's position or offers a distinct perspective that the parties themselves may not have provided.

The legal template for an amicus brief (Second Circuit) would provide a structured format for properly organizing the content. It would include sections such as a cover page, a table of contents, a table of authorities, and a statement of interest, wherein the filer would explain the reason for filing the brief. The template would also include sections to present the amicus curiae's arguments and legal analysis, supported by relevant precedents, statutes, or regulations. Additionally, it may include a section discussing the potential impact of the court's decision and any identified policy considerations.

The purpose of the amicus brief is to assist the court by offering a unique perspective, expertise, or additional information that can contribute to the proper interpretation of the law and help render a well-informed decision. While the amicus brief is not binding on the court, it can be influential in shaping the court's understanding of complex legal issues or highlighting potential consequences that may arise from the court's ruling.
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