Client Letter: Trademark Allowance Notice

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The legal template "Client Letter: Trademark Allowance Notice under USA law" is a formal letter written by an attorney or legal professional to their client regarding a trademark application. This notice informs the client that their trademark application has been found to meet the criteria for granting registration by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The letter typically includes important details about the client's trademark, including the application number, the specific goods or services the trademark will protect, and any amendments made during the application process. It notifies the client that their trademark has passed the initial examination for registrability and has been allowed by the USPTO.

Additionally, the letter may provide the client with specific instructions on the further steps they need to take, such as paying the required registration fees and confirming their intent to use the trademark in commerce. It may also outline any potential challenges or oppositions that could arise during the publication period where third parties have an opportunity to oppose the trademark registration.

Furthermore, the letter may inform the client of upcoming deadlines or requirements they must fulfill to achieve full registration, such as submitting a specimen showing the trademark in use or responding to any office actions.

Overall, this legal template serves to officially notify and guide clients regarding the allowance of their trademark application under USA law, providing instructions and assisting them in completing the necessary steps towards achieving full trademark registration and protection.
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