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A Counter Standby Letter of Credit (CSLC) under USA law is a legal template designed to facilitate the issuance and utilization of standby letters of credit. A standby letter of credit acts as a guarantee of payment or performance issued by a financial institution, typically a bank, in support of a party's obligations to another party. In the context of international transactions, a CSLC provides an additional layer of security by allowing the beneficiary to establish an alternative standby letter of credit as a counter guarantee to the original standby letter of credit.

This legal template would outline the terms and conditions governing the issuance and operation of a CSLC within the United States. It would outline the parties involved, including the applicant, beneficiary, issuing bank, confirming bank (if applicable), and the counter-guarantor. The terms and conditions would cover various aspects, including the nature of the underlying transaction, the amount and expiry date of the CSLC, the documentation and requirements for drawing on the CSLC, and the rights and obligations of each party involved.

The CSLC template would clearly define the events or circumstances that would trigger a drawdown on the counter standby letter of credit, such as the failure or default of the original issuer or the non-performance of the underlying obligations. It would also specify the process and timelines for making a demand for payment, including the required documentation and mode of communication.

Additionally, the template may address matters such as amendments, transfers, and assignments of the CSLC, dispute resolution mechanisms, governing law, and jurisdiction. The CSLC under USA law would adhere to relevant laws and regulations, including the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the International Standby Practices (ISP98), and applicable U.S. federal and state laws.

Overall, this legal template would provide a comprehensive framework for the issuance and operation of a Counter Standby Letter of Credit, ensuring clarity, enforceability, and legal protection for all parties involved in the transaction.
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