Deletion Request Response Letter (CCPA & CPRA)

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A Deletion Request Response Letter (CCPA & CPRA) is a legal template used in the United States that outlines a company's response to a request made by an individual under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) to delete their personal information from the company's records.

The CCPA and CPRA provide individuals with the right to request the deletion of their personal information held by a business. In compliance with these laws, companies must process and respond to such requests within specific time frames. This legal template serves as a formal response to inform the requester of the company's actions taken regarding their deletion request.

The response letter typically begins with a formal acknowledgment of the receipt of the deletion request, stating the date of receipt and the requester's identification information. It then proceeds to explain the company's verification process, ensuring that the request is legitimate and sent by the correct individual.

The template may include information about the scope of the deletion request, clarifying that it pertains solely to the personal information covered under CCPA and CPRA. It further outlines the company's approach to identifying and locating the requested personal data, specifying the types of records and databases searched.

Next, the response letter indicates whether the company has identified and deleted the requester's personal information or if there are any exceptions that prohibit deletion, as prescribed by the CCPA and CPRA. These exceptions may include fulfilling legal obligations, exercising rights of freedom of speech, complying with regulatory requirements, or maintaining security and integrity of data.

The template may also include instructions for the requester in case they wish to appeal the company's decision or ask for further clarification. Additionally, it may provide contact information of the company's privacy office or designated representative to address any questions or concerns the requester might have.

Overall, the Deletion Request Response Letter (CCPA & CPRA) template ensures that companies handle requests for data deletion in compliance with the relevant privacy laws, providing transparency and clarity to individuals seeking to safeguard their personal information.
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