Drafts of Wills with Trust for Partner for Unmarried Partners (Letter to Client)

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This legal template is designed to assist attorneys in drafting wills with trust provisions specifically tailored for unmarried partners under USA law. The template is accompanied by a letter addressed to the client, which outlines the purpose and content of the document.

In the context of estate planning, this template serves to protect the interests of unmarried couples who wish to ensure financial security and asset distribution within their partnership. Since unmarried partners don't benefit from automatic rights and protections that married couples enjoy, it becomes crucial to establish a legal framework to safeguard their desires and preferences.

The template includes provisions for the creation of a trust, which is a legal mechanism to hold and manage assets on behalf of the partner. The trust ensures that the partner will have access to the assets in the event of the testator's death, while also providing for the appropriate distribution of assets in accordance with the testator's wishes.

Moreover, the template may address specific circumstances and considerations such as guardianship of minors, healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and other personal instructions. These additional elements aim to encompass a comprehensive approach to estate planning, covering various aspects of the unmarried partners' lives.

Importantly, the template is designed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States. It adheres to the statutory requirements and legal principles governing wills and trusts, ensuring the validity and enforceability of the document in the relevant jurisdiction.

Ultimately, this legal template provides attorneys with a structured framework to efficiently and effectively draft wills with trust provisions catering specifically to the needs and desires of unmarried partners, offering them legal protection and peace of mind in the event of the testator's passing.
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