Guaranty of Nonrecourse Carveout Obligations (Lender-friendly)

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This legal template is a Guaranty of Nonrecourse Carveout Obligations, specifically designed to benefit the lender. In financial transactions, a nonrecourse loan refers to a loan where the borrower is not personally liable for the full repayment of the debt. However, certain carveouts or exceptions may exist that shift the liability to the borrower or guarantor under specific circumstances.

This legal template sets out the terms and conditions under which a guarantor agrees to assume liability for these carveout obligations, meaning those obligations that are excluded from the nonrecourse nature of the loan. Typical carveouts may include fraudulent activity, misrepresentation, breaches of certain covenants, environmental liabilities, taxes, and other specified events of default. When these carveouts occur, the guarantor's obligation to the lender is triggered, and they become personally liable for the repayment of the debt.

The template aims to protect the lender's interests by providing a comprehensive and detailed agreement that governs the guarantor's obligations in the event of a carveout triggering the repayment liability. It may outline the specific carveout scenarios, the guarantor's responsibilities, the terms of repayment, and any security or collateral the guarantor provides for the lender's benefit. The template may also include clauses related to indemnification, remedies, and dispute resolution to further safeguard the lender's position.

Overall, this legal template ensures that the lender has an added layer of protection and security in the form of a guarantor guaranteeing payment and assuming responsibility for certain carveout obligations in a nonrecourse loan arrangement.
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