Investment Management Contract (IMA) for Pension Plans

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The Investment Management Contract (IMA) for Pension Plans under USA law is a legal template designed specifically for facilitating investment management services in relation to pension plans. This contract outlines the responsibilities and obligations of both the investment manager and the pension plan sponsor, ensuring a clear understanding of the scope and expectations of the professional relationship.

The IMA covers various essential aspects, including the investment manager's authority, duties, and limitations, as well as the compensation and fees structure. It addresses the investment objectives, guidelines, and restrictions set by the pension plan and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing pension funds in the United States.

Additionally, the contract outlines the investment manager's responsibilities concerning portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management, and reporting requirements. It clarifies the scope of discretionary authority the investment manager possesses concerning investment decisions, while also defining any specific limitations or instructions provided by the pension plan sponsor.

The IMA establishes guidelines and criteria for performance evaluation and establishes mechanisms for monitoring and periodic reviews. It may detail the reporting frequency and the necessary information to be provided to the pension plan, including financial statements, investment performance reports, and audited results.

Importantly, the legal template may also include provisions regarding the custody of assets, liability limitations, indemnification, termination conditions, and dispute resolution mechanisms. The allocation of liability and procedures for resolving potential conflicts of interest are thoroughly addressed to safeguard the interests of both parties involved.

Overall, the Investment Management Contract for Pension Plans aligns the investment manager's objectives with the pension plan sponsor's goals, ensuring a transparent and legally binding agreement that safeguards the retirement savings of pension plan beneficiaries under the provisions of US law.
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