Motion for Entry of Final Foreclosure Judgment (New Jersey)

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The Motion for Entry of Final Foreclosure Judgment template specifically pertains to the state of New Jersey. This legal document is primarily submitted to the court by a lender or mortgage holder seeking a judgment that will finalize the foreclosure process on a property.

The template includes various sections that outline key information related to the foreclosure case. This may include details about the property being foreclosed, such as its address, legal description, and any unique identifiers such as tax parcel number or deed reference. The template also provides space for the names and contact information of all parties involved in the case, including the borrower or homeowner.

Additionally, the template typically specifies the amount the borrower owes to the lender, typically outstanding mortgage loan principal, interest, and any other fees or expenses related to the foreclosure proceedings. The document may also outline the specific terms of the mortgage agreement that the borrower has allegedly defaulted on, such as payment schedule, interest rate, penalties, or any violated loan covenants.

Furthermore, the Motion for Entry of Final Foreclosure Judgment template generally contains a section where the lender or their legal representative can detail the steps and attempts taken to reach a resolution with the borrower. This may involve providing evidence of prior notices, demands for payment, or attempts at a loan modification or workout agreement. The document might also generally explain why foreclosure is deemed necessary by the lender.

Finally, the template will include a formal request for the court to enter a Final Foreclosure Judgment in favor of the lender or mortgage holder. This judgment would authorize the foreclosure sale of the property, allowing the lender to recover their outstanding debt by auctioning or selling the property to a third party.

It is important to note that this legal template is not personalized and should ideally be reviewed, modified, and completed by a qualified attorney with knowledge and experience in New Jersey foreclosure proceedings.
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