Praecipe to Issue an Order for Sheriff's Sale (Foreclosures) (Ohio)

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This legal template, known as "Praecipe to Issue an Order for Sheriff's Sale (Foreclosures) (Ohio)," is a document used in the state of Ohio to initiate the process of foreclosing a property. Foreclosure is a legal procedure, typically initiated by a lender or a financial institution, to recover outstanding debt when a borrower fails to repay a mortgage loan.

The template outlines the necessary steps to commence a sheriff's sale, which is a public auction conducted by the local sheriff's office to sell the foreclosed property in order to fulfill the outstanding debt. The praecipe is a written request or order submitted to the court that initiates the sale process.

This specific template is designed to be used in the state of Ohio, as foreclosure procedures and requirements may vary from state to state. It includes sections for the plaintiff or the lender to provide detailed information regarding the property, such as its legal description, the amount due, and any outstanding liens or encumbrances.

Furthermore, the template will commonly include the names and addresses of both the plaintiff and the defendant involved in the foreclosure case, as well as the court where the foreclosure proceeding is taking place. The praecipe may also require the inclusion of any additional supporting documentation or exhibits that are necessary for the court to proceed with the order.

Overall, this legal template serves as a formal and structured document used in Ohio to initiate the foreclosure process by requesting the court to issue an order for a sheriff's sale. Its purpose is to provide a standardized format and ensure that all necessary information is properly presented to the court for the efficient handling of the foreclosure case.
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