(Proposed) Judgment Entry Granting Restitution of Premises (Evictions) (Ohio)

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This legal template titled "Proposed Judgment Entry Granting Restitution of Premises (Evictions) (Ohio)" is a document designed to outline the process of granting the restitution of a premises in the state of Ohio. It specifically relates to cases where a landlord seeks to evict a tenant due to violations of the lease agreement or other grounds for eviction as defined by Ohio's landlord-tenant laws.

The template likely includes sections detailing the key aspects of the eviction case, such as the names of the parties involved (the landlord and tenant), the address of the premises subject to eviction, and the specific reasons cited for the eviction. It may also lay out the timelines and relevant dates, such as when the eviction notice was served, the deadline for the tenant's response, and any scheduled court hearings.

Furthermore, the template might present a brief overview of the legal procedure followed throughout the eviction process, including the initial filing of the eviction complaint, any subsequent hearings or mediations, and the court's decision to grant restitution of the premises.

Given the mention of "restitution," it can be inferred that this template would likely also address the issue of potential damages or unpaid rent owed by the tenant. Details such as the amount of unpaid rent, the duration for which it is outstanding, and any additional charges or penalties might be mentioned alongside a provision for the awarded restitution.

Overall, this legal template serves as a proposed judgment entry that helps streamline the eviction process for landlords in Ohio, ensuring that all necessary information is properly included and the restitution of the premises is lawfully granted by the court.
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