Proposed Order Granting Motion by Third Party For Order Quashing or Modifying Bankruptcy Subpoena

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This legal template involves a proposed order granting a motion filed by a third party seeking an order for quashing or modifying a bankruptcy subpoena. A bankruptcy subpoena is a legal tool used during bankruptcy proceedings to gather documents or information from relevant parties for the purpose of investigating claims, assets, or liabilities.

In this template, a third party is requesting the court's intervention to quash or modify the bankruptcy subpoena served on them. The proposed order lays out the arguments and justifications put forth by the third party to demonstrate why they believe the subpoena should be quashed or modified.

The motion may argue that the subpoena is overly burdensome, oppressive, overly broad in scope, or seeks privileged or confidential information. It could also highlight any potential violations of the third party's rights or legal privileges. The proposed order provides a template for the court to consider and potentially grant the third party's motion, resulting in the quashing or modification of the bankruptcy subpoena.

Overall, this legal template addresses the procedural aspects of challenging a bankruptcy subpoena and aims to provide an equitable solution to any perceived unfairness or undue burden placed on the third party.
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