Side Letter, Investment in 25% Fund

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This legal template titled "Side Letter, Investment in 25% Fund" pertains to an agreement between two parties regarding an investment in a specific fund, where the investor will be allocated 25% of the total fund, also known as the 25% Fund. A side letter, in legal terms, typically refers to a supplementary agreement created alongside the primary contract or main investment agreement.

The template could contain the terms and conditions that both parties must agree upon regarding the investment in the 25% Fund. These terms might encompass the details of the investment, such as the amount of capital to be invested, the specific rights and privileges granted to the investor as a result of this investment, and any preferential treatment the investor may receive in relation to the fund structure.

The document could also outline the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, including any reporting requirements, review periods, or conditions precedent to the investment. Additionally, the template might specify the duration of the investment, any potential limitations or restrictions on the investor's involvement in the fund, and the possibility of amending the agreement if necessary.

Given the nature of the document as a side letter, it is likely intended to supplement an existing investment agreement or offering memorandum related to the 25% Fund. The purpose could be to address certain nuances, specific terms, or unique requirements pertaining to the investor's involvement in the fund. By defining these additional provisions and clarifying the terms of the investment, this legal template aims to protect the rights and interests of both parties throughout the investment period.
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