Support Letter for Form I-140 Petition Based on a Certified PERM Application

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The legal template "Support Letter for Form I-140 Petition Based on a Certified PERM Application" is a document that aims to provide comprehensive support and justification for an individual's immigration petition under Form I-140. Specifically, this template is tailored for cases where the petition is based on a certified PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) application.

The PERM process is a crucial step in obtaining permanent employment certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) in the United States. Once the PERM application is certified, an individual can proceed with the I-140 petition, which is the second step in the employment-based green card process.

In this legal template, the support letter will extensively detail and outline the reasons and qualifications of the beneficiary, typically an immigrant worker, to be granted a green card based on the certified PERM application. The letter will highlight the professional achievements, skills, education, and experience of the beneficiary, as well as the important role they play in the sponsoring employer's business operations.

Additionally, the template may contain arguments emphasizing the beneficiary's unique contribution to the field, their impact on the organization, and their alignment with the desired qualifications outlined in the certified PERM application. It may also reference relevant legal statutes, case precedents, and regulations that support the beneficiary's eligibility for the requested immigration benefits.

Furthermore, the template may provide supplemental documentation, such as educational certificates, employment records, or reference letters, to strengthen the case and substantiate the claims made in the support letter.

Overall, the "Support Letter for Form I-140 Petition Based on a Certified PERM Application" serves as a comprehensive argument in favor of an immigrant worker's eligibility for permanent employment certification and subsequent green card approval. The template aids attorneys, employers, or individuals in crafting persuasive and compelling support letters to increase the chances of a successful I-140 petition.
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