Termination (Drug-Related Offense) (Residential Evictions) (Ohio) Notice

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The legal template titled "Termination (Drug-Related Offense) (Residential Evictions) (Ohio) Notice" is a document that deals with the termination of a residential lease agreement due to a drug-related offense in the state of Ohio. This template serves as a notice to inform the tenant that their lease will be terminated as a result of their involvement in illegal drug activities within the premises of the rented property.

The document outlines the specific drug-related offense committed by the tenant, such as possession, manufacturing, or distribution of illegal drugs, which has breached the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. It also mentions the corresponding Ohio state law or local ordinance that has been violated. The template provides space to include details about the date and location of the offense, as well as any legal actions taken by law enforcement agencies.

The notice further states the consequences of the tenant's actions, including the immediate termination of the lease agreement and the requirement to vacate the premises by a specified date. It may also outline any additional penalties or legal repercussions that the tenant may face, including potential criminal charges or civil lawsuits.

This template is intended to be used by landlords or property management companies in compliance with Ohio landlord-tenant laws and regulations. It helps landlords protect their property and other tenants from the potential dangers associated with drug-related activities. It also serves as a formal notification to the tenant, ensuring that they are aware of the termination and the reasons for it.

It is important to note that this template is specific to Ohio's legal framework and may not be suitable for other jurisdictions. Additionally, legal advice and consultation with an attorney may be required to ensure the proper use and customization of this template according to the unique circumstances of each case.
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