TTAB: Opposition (commonness and Descriptiveness) Notice

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The legal template titled "TTAB: Opposition (commonness and Descriptiveness) Notice" is a document used in the field of trademark law, specifically in relation to proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

The template primarily addresses a potential opposition to the registration of a trademark based on grounds related to commonness and descriptiveness of the mark. It is relevant when a party believes that a particular trademark, which is currently under examination for registration, should not be granted protection due to its generic nature or descriptive qualities.

Commonness refers to the argument that the proposed mark is extremely generic or common and lacks the distinctiveness required to function as an identifier of a particular source of goods or services. The template might provide guidance on demonstrating how the mark is descriptive of the goods or services it seeks to identify, making it inappropriate for trademark protection.

By employing this template, an individual or entity intending to file an opposition would outline their arguments, provide evidence, and explain why the mark under consideration should not be registered due to its common or descriptive characteristics. The template would likely include standard legal language and specific sections to be customized with case-specific details, such as the parties involved, the mark in question, and supporting evidence.

Overall, the "TTAB: Opposition (commonness and Descriptiveness) Notice" legal template serves as a framework to initiate the opposition process, alerting the TTAB and the applicant seeking trademark registration of the legal basis on which the opposition is being made.
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