TTAB: Opposition (Fraud and Nonuse) Notice

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The TTAB: Opposition (Fraud and Nonuse) Notice legal template is a document that serves as a formal notice of opposition submitted to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) within the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This template specifically addresses cases involving allegations of fraud and nonuse of a trademark.

When a party seeks to oppose the registration of a trademark, they may choose to file an opposition notice with the TTAB. This legal template focuses on situations where the opposing party suspects that the applicant has engaged in fraudulent activities in the registration process or that the trademark has been abandoned or not used in commerce.

The template typically includes specific sections where the opposing party provides their identifying information, the trademark application details, and supporting evidence to substantiate their claims of fraud or nonuse. Supporting evidence may consist of documentation showing lack of genuine use, absence of use for a specific period, or instances of deceptive practices involved in the filing process.

By utilizing this template, the opposing party can effectively communicate their objections and notify the TTAB of their intent to oppose the trademark's registration based on fraud and nonuse concerns. This allows the TTAB to review the opposition, evaluate the evidence presented, and make an informed decision on whether to grant or deny the opposition and subsequent trademark registration.
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