Written Consent of Board of Managers (Lending): Borrower (LLC)

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This legal template, titled "Written Consent of Board of Managers (Lending): Borrower (LLC)", could be a document that outlines the approval and consent of the board of managers, also known as the board of directors or governing body, of a limited liability company (LLC) to enter into a lending agreement or transaction.

The purpose of this template is to formalize and document the approval process by which the board of managers of the LLC grants its consent to the LLC (as the borrower) to undertake a lending arrangement with a lender or financial institution. The template may contain specific sections and language that define the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, outlining the legal obligations and responsibilities of both the borrower and the lender.

Key components of this document might include the names and titles of the members of the board of managers, a background or preamble section providing context for the consent, an explanation of the specific loan or financial transaction being agreed upon, any conditions or limitations on the borrowing, provisions for repayment terms, interest rates, and collateral, if applicable.

This template may also encompass clauses that address potential contingencies or regulatory compliance requirements, indemnification provisions to protect the LLC and its managers, and general terms and conditions that both the LLC and the lender must adhere to throughout the lending relationship.

Ultimately, this legal template serves as an official declaration of consent from the LLC's board of managers, providing a clear and legally binding record of the LLC's commitment to borrowing funds and establishing the terms that govern the lending transaction.
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