Affidavit of Out-of-State Attorney to Support a Pro Hac Vice Motion: Admission in New York State Court

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The legal template, "Affidavit of Out-of-State Attorney to Support a Pro Hac Vice Motion: Admission in New York State Court under USA law," is a document used by an attorney who is not licensed to practice law in New York state, but seeks permission to represent a client in a specific case before a New York state court.

The affidavit serves as a supporting document to a "Pro Hac Vice" motion, which is a Latin term that translates to "for this occasion." When approved, the motion allows an attorney not admitted to the jurisdiction's bar to participate in a particular case for a limited time.

This template is specifically designed for out-of-state attorneys seeking admission to practice law pro hac vice in a New York state court. By completing the affidavit, the attorney attests to their good standing in their home jurisdiction's bar association and confirms their familiarity with the local court rules, procedures, and applicable laws in New York state.

The affidavit typically includes the attorney's personal information such as name, contact details, and the jurisdiction where they are admitted as an attorney. It may also require the attorney to provide details about their professional experience, education, and any prior pro hac vice admissions in other jurisdictions.

Additionally, the attorney must demonstrate a legitimate reason for seeking admission in the New York state court, such as their involvement in a specific case, their participation in negotiations, or their intent to represent a client's best interests in the court proceedings.

By submitting the completed affidavit with their Pro Hac Vice motion, the out-of-state attorney presents a compelling case to the court regarding their eligibility and suitability to practice law in New York temporarily. The court will review the affidavit, along with other supporting documents and arguments, to decide whether to grant the attorney permission to practice pro hac vice for the specific case.

It is important to note that individual courts may have specific requirements or variations in the Pro Hac Vice process, and attorneys should ensure they adhere to the particular court's rules and procedures when using this template.
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