Separate Statement of Undisputed Material Facts (California)

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The Separate Statement of Undisputed Material Facts is a legal template used in the state of California in various civil proceedings, including but not limited to, trials, hearings, motions, and summary judgment proceedings. It is a document prepared by one party to the case, usually the moving party, where they identify and list facts related to the case that are not in dispute between the parties involved.

The purpose of this template is to streamline the legal process by highlighting the key facts that are agreed upon by both parties. These facts are often crucial in determining the relevant legal issues and can significantly impact the outcome of the case. By presenting a concise and comprehensive list of undisputed facts, the Separate Statement serves to facilitate the court's understanding of the case, enable efficient adjudication, and potentially narrow the scope of the disputed matters.

The format of this legal template typically requires a clear and concise statement of each fact, accurately citing the source of the evidence supporting the fact. Common sources include prior pleadings, sworn affidavits, depositions, discovery responses, expert reports, or any other relevant documentation. It is essential that the facts presented in this document are indeed undisputed and acknowledged as such by the opposing party or have been uncontested during the course of the case.

The Separate Statement of Undisputed Material Facts serves as a valuable tool for each party involved, the opposing party can either affirm the facts presented or identify any discrepancies to be resolved by the court. This document can then support further legal arguments or be incorporated into briefs, motions, or trial memoranda, helping streamline the proceedings, and provide clarity for the presiding judge.

Given the legal landscape in California, this legal template is specifically designed to adhere to the requirements set by the California Code of Civil Procedure, ensuring compliance with the local rules and practice standards. It serves as a key component in effectively presenting undisputed facts and streamlining the legal process, ultimately facilitating fair and efficient resolution of civil disputes in California courts.
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