FLSA Exempt to Nonexempt Employee Reclassification Letter

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This legal template is designed to assist employers in notifying an employee of their reclassification from an exempt to nonexempt status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) within the jurisdiction of the United States. The FLSA sets certain requirements for minimum wage, overtime pay, and other labor standards, and categorizes employees as either exempt or nonexempt based on their job duties and salary. When an employee's job responsibilities or compensation structure change, this letter template serves to formally communicate the reclassification process and any resulting changes in their employment status and rights. It would typically include details about the reasons for the reclassification, the effective date, any adjustments in pay or benefits, and instructions for the newly classified nonexempt employee regarding timekeeping, overtime compensation, and other related policies and procedures. Employers may adapt and customize this template to ensure compliance with specific state and federal labor laws while addressing the unique circumstances surrounding the employee's reclassification.
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