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A Tolling Contract (Employment) is a legal template that establishes an agreement between an employer and an employee to suspend or extend certain legal deadlines, time limitations, or statutes of limitations. This contract is commonly utilized when there is a need to pause or extend the period during which an employee is entitled to file a claim or take legal action against the employer, typically due to specific circumstances that hinder the employee from asserting their rights within the regular time frame.

This legal template outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties, stipulating the duration of the tolling period, the reasons justifying the tolling agreement, and any specific actions or requirements to be met during the tolled period. The contract may also address compensation or benefits adjustments, if applicable, as well as the processes for revoking or terminating the tolling agreement.

Typically used in employment or labor law situations, Tolling Contracts (Employment) provide a balanced and fair approach to accommodating both the rights of the employee to pursue legal action and the employer's legitimate need for a temporary suspension or extension of legal deadlines.
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